About Dany Island

Imagine a tropical island with palm-fringed white sand beaches, clean fresh breeze and an abundance of tropical fish. Dany Island is the kind of place you dream about when you get that urge to book the perfect trip away and escape from daily pressures of Western life.

Dany Island is home to thousands of the most amazing tropical fish who spend their days swimming through a wonderland of Over 1 Million square metres of fascinating colourful coral reefs which have developed, untouched and untainted, for hundreds of years in this slice of Vanuatu paradise.

Due to the amazing preservation of the island, visitors are able to take a day trip to Dany island and experience the extraordinary snorkelling at the perfect depth for clarity. The snorkelling is suitable for people of all ages due to the easy access from the shoreline. Scuba divers have also recently discovered striking beauty of Dany Island and there are now unique dive experiences on offer.

Giant Sea Turtles have marked Dany Island as their favourite place for nesting, coming back year after year to this safe haven that they call home. Baby turtles live on Dany Island and looked after by the island’s caretaker.

Dany Island is also home to thousands of butterflies and baby hermit crabs who spend their time happily enjoying the natural surroundings the island has to offer.

Visitors to Dany Island have rated it incredibly highly and have labelled it as a highlight of their Vanuatu experience, and a great reason to return one day. This is genuinely an untouched gem of Vanuatu. As many locals say “Your trip to Santo is not complete without a visit to Dany Island”.

If you want to visit Dany Island on a day trip you can choose to snorkel, sun bake, surf, tube ride on the waves (boat-assisted), or just laze in the hammock and stare in awe at a view so stunning that you’ll wonder if you’re about to wake from a dream.

Day trips include pick up and drop off from any hotel in Santo (or cruise ship) as well as the 10 minute boat ride to Dany Island. It is 1.5km from the mainland coast half way between Champagne Beach and Luganville (20 minute from town centre). Snorkel gear and surf boards can be easily hired on Dany Island.

The surf break on Dany Island is on the northern tip and is considered to be the best surf break in Santo, a secret spot for the keen surfers in the area.

For those who wish to stay overnight on Dany Island, there is a private one-bedroom beachfront villa with the opportunity to hire out the whole venue as a private island for yourself (celebrity-style).

However, if you’re on a budget and wish to wake up on Dany Island and experience its natural beauty, then you also have the opportunity to camp. There are 2 and 3 person tents for hire.

For bookings for either a Day Trip or an Overnight Stay contact info@vanuatu.com.au

Dany Island Map