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Day trip to Dany Island

Enjoy a day on Dany Island where you can snorkel straight off the beach, relax on the pristine beaches, enjoy fresh coconuts while lazing in a hammock.

Day Tours to Dany Island are available and very popular. It is available for daytrippers, tourists and cruise ship visitors.

Most visitors come for the amazing snorkelling, some for surfing and body boarding, swimming, sunbaking, or for the turtles!

The Day Tour includes:

  • Pick up by private vehicle (from cruise port or accommodation in Santo)
  • Boat transfer from mainland to Dany Island (10 minutes)
  • Entry to Dany Island
  • Tour guide on the island
  • Snorkel/Surfboard hire
  • Lunch
  • Boat transfer from Dany Island to the mainland
  • Drop off by private vehicle to your accommodation or ship

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Diving at Dany Island

Vanuatu is home to some of the most incredible coral diving in the world and some of it reachable from Dany Island. Explore the vibrant underwater surrounding Dany Island on a scuba dive adventure.

diving at dany island is an amazing experience if you’re looking for spectacular reef diving as well the experience. double dives are available through various professional local companies.

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Is one day not long enough on Dany Island? Why not have this slice of paradise all to yourselves for a night or two. There is a one-bedroom beachfront villa on the island accommodating two people and providing the ultimate private island stay. When the island is not booked exclusively, a more budget-friendly option of camping is available. Both options require bookings in advance.

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Camp on Dany Island

When guests are not staying in the island villa, then the island is available for overnight camping. This option needs to be booked in advance and tents are available for rent on the island.

Costs for camping:
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